Easy integration for Spa Trade Group

Spa Trade group is the go-to for taking care of your water treatment needs. There is also a reason why they partnered with Two, giving their B2B customers the freedom to buy now, pay later(BNPL) in the easiest way possible.

Spa Trade Group strives to help the businesses they serve, which is why they source water treatment products from around the world, ensuring their customers have access to the products they need at affordable prices. As part of Spa Trade Group´s continuous effort to create a frictionless customer journey that matches their world-class product range, they have integrated Two´s BNPL check out solution to their b-commerce webshop.

"The plug-in was very simple to set up. Now I have an easy flow checkout which allows my limited business customers to get 30 days credit without any arduous forms". - Gavin Owen, Managing Director & Owner at Spa Trade Group

With Two, the Spa Trade Group can give their customers instant access to free credit, without the need of a company card. Since 87% of UK businesses don't have a corporate credit card for their b2b payments, the Spa Trade Group makes it easier than ever for their clients to purchase high quality water treatment products.

Most businesses want to pay on invoice terms, rather than with credit or debit cards. With basket sizes ranging from a few hundred up to thousands of pounds, Spa Trade Groups can easily onboard new customers and grow their B2B e-commerce sales by letting them get invoice terms from 14 all the way up to 90 days. At the same time Spa trade Group is able to receive an instant payout, as Gavin Owen says, “From a financial aspect, I am increasing my cash flow. I am no longer waiting 30 days or longer for money to come in.”

We are happy to have the Spa Trade Group as partners and are looking forward to helping them onboarding new clients across the UK. Visit them on SpaTradeGroup.com or TotalChemicalSolutions.com.

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