I AM NUT OK Offers 90% of Customers Net Terms With Two

Nivi and Angela of I AM NUT OK have massively reduced admin time thanks to Two.

When Nivi and Angela started vegan cheese business I AM NUT OK, their main philosophy was to make people’s mouths water. Beginning as a passion project to create tasty alternatives, Angela wanted to help new vegan Nivi give up cheese.

After some success at their local farmer’s market, the team realised there was a demand for their products. Within 6 months, Fortnum and Mason’s shelves were stocked with I AM NUT OK products and their online store was up and running. Now they were able to reach anyone in the UK!

What Nivi and Angela realised after a while though was that only 20% of their total business came from consumers. The remaining 80% were shops, restaurants, and wholesale distributors looking to offer I AM NUT OK products to their customers. And selling to those businesses proved more difficult.

The challenge

I AM NUT OK did in fact offer their b2b buyers to pay on invoice with terms. But a major issue was chasing late payments. Many of their b2b buyers simply didn’t pay on time causing a whole range of cash flow and admin problems. 

And that meant contacting buyers to settle debts, a task no one likes. “Sometimes they don’t follow the terms or respond. You don’t want to chase people to remind them to pay you” Nivi told us.

The other drawback was the amount of time it took to get their customers onboarded, a full day on average. There had to be a better way for I AM NUT OK to sell to their b2b customers…

A grate result (pun intended)

Fortunately, there was! The Two Checkout allowed I AM NUT OK to bypass the lengthy onboarding process and offer up to 90% of their business buyers instantly approved credit.

A testimonial from a customer of Two

Other than the time saved, that also meant no more chasing payments. As Nivi says, “Two is helping us streamline our online B2B orders and cash flow operations. Every time an order is placed and processed, we get paid”. 

The time saved wasn't just limited to onboarding though. Before, the team needed to worry about all the paperwork associated with invoice purchases. Typically, that means jumping from one department to the next and sending countless emails back and forth. But with the Two Checkout, invoices are automatically generated and neatly organised in the Two merchant portal. 

To really seal the deal, I AM NUT OK now have an average order value of €207 after processing €25,500 worth of business through Two! They’ve also seen an increase in sales after including Two in their weekly newsletter.

Two Checkout users see an average 20% increase in conversion rates, so we’re not surprised! In fact, learn how another one of Two's customers saw a 400% increase in AOV.

Two - The Complete B2B Payment Suite

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