The highest net term credit limits for B2B. Instantly.

Achieve unparalleled sales by offering customers the best credit lines available with Two - A comprehensive set of B2B payment solutions with integrated B2B BNPL at the checkout.

Sell. Get Paid. No Headache.

The best B2B payment method chosen by 200+ merchants

With Two, offer all online and offline business customers interest-free trade credit regardless of total sales volume. Instant trade credit without the admin or credit risk.

Make B2B sales simple

B2B sales should be seamless. But lengthy customer onboarding and checkout friction slow down the sales process. Two's industry-leading company search API and customer credit checks integrate right into your checkout, for a frictionless purchasing experience.

Conversion increase
Increase AOV
Acceptance rate
"Introducing Two was the best decision we could have made as a business. It gives our customers the extra breathing space with the 30 day credit terms and it sets us apart from our competitors. We saw a 400% increase in AOV after using Two!"

Mark Farr, CEO & Co-Founder, Purple Planet Packaging

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Upfront payments for every sale

Tied up working capital has been described as a $1 trillion global problem. Finally fix your balance sheet and stop chasing money you're owed.

Ditch invoice factoring and credit lines with your bank and get paid upfront with Two. Plus, manage all orders directly in the Merchant Portal for complete control. Simple upfront payments. Simple B2B selling.

"We were spending a lot of time chasing customers and calling them for late payments. To be able to actually unlock the money from a contract is so impactful. It literally changes your business!"

Alex van Klaveren, CEO and Co-Founder, Kandidate

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No more paperwork

How much time does your company lose managing paperwork and chasing payments? Hours? Even days?

Say goodbye to chasing payments, stagnated business growth and unhealthy balance sheets. Once you fulfil an order, you get paid - once a month or in instalments. You choose.

Two also handles all dunning procedures so you can focus on what you do best. Growing your business.

"The main reason we chose Two as our B2B payment solution is because our previous methods created a lot of manual work. We no longer have that issue, which is something I'm very happy with."

Jørgen Bertelsen, Founder,

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How Two works.


Business buyer places order with you

Two provides an instant credit decision with only the company name


Buyer completes ID verification. Two can also perform anti-fraud checks.


You get paid once the order is fulfilled


Your customer pays on terms, Two can handle the risk.


B2B BNPL payment solutions that work with how you sell...

A product display that shows users how to pay with a b2b payment product

Guest Checkout

Make your B2B checkout process seamless - increase conversions, reduce credit risk and get paid faster.

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Let your B2B customers split payments for purchases over 3 to 24 months with Instalments. Get paid upfront for rental services, subscription plans, and big-ticket items to drastically improve cash flow and increase B2B sales.

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Trade Account

The turbocharged trade payment solution to boost B2B sales. Allow your customers to onboard at lightning speed and purchase in just one click.

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A form for the Two Trade Account

Order Creator

Make it simple to offer trade credit to all B2B customers regardless of where they order from. Online, offline, or both.

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Why our merchants love Two.

Cut admin and reduce risk of human error!"Using Two as our B2B invoicing backend has reduced manual work and the risk of human error. In addition, our customers get a nice overview of their order on behalf of the company."
Josefine Jacobsen
Business Coordinator, Morgenlevering
Streamline B2B orders!"You don't want to chase people to remind them to pay you! Two is helping us streamlineour online B2B orders and cash flow operations. Every time an order is placed and processed, we get paid."
Nivi Jasa
Director and Co-founder, I Am Nut OK
A logo for Norwegian based company Eplehuset
Never reject a B2B customer again!"Online B2B transactions generally include long, manual processes - so much so that we often risk losing the entire purchase. Without Two, we would have had to reject 52% of our B2B customers!"
Line S. Ludvigsen
Marketing & E-Commerce Manager, Eplehuset AS
Opportunities increased!"Introducing Two was the best decision we could have made as a business. It gives our customers the extra breathing space with the 30 day credit terms and it sets us apart from our competitors! In addition the team at Two are always really helpful."
Mark Farr
CEO and Founder, Purple Planet Packaging
Saving 20 hours of work a month“The main reason we chose Two as our B2B payment solution is because our previous methods created a lot of manual work. We no longer have an issue with that, which is something I’m very happy with.”
Jørgen Berthelsen
CEO and co-founder of Riktig AS
No more B2B sales blockers“I’ve had issues with b2b-payments for 10 years now, and it’s been a major impediment for my b2b-sales at both my current and previous startups. Finally, the Two team has come along to fix it!”
Knut Hellik Kvale
CEO & founder of Givn
Free from credit risk"It’s hard to overstate just how impactful Two has been. By improving our cash position and freeing ourselves from credit risk, Two has put us on a firm footing for growth. Thanks to the capital unlocked by Two, we have been able to invest aggressively in growing the business.
Alex van Klaveren
CEO of Kandidate
Unlocking company growth"It’s no exaggeration to say Two has unlocked growth for us like none of the other B2B payment companies have. Our success in countries where Two supports us far outperforms what we see in our other markets. We’re seeing 50% MoM growth in markets where we have Two implemented."
Abhi Arora
CEO, Fleek

Boost your B2B sales today.