400% increase in AOV for eco-friendly packaging specialist

Since implementing Two, Purple Planet saw a 400% increase in AOV.

Purple Planet is one of the UK’s leading environmentally friendly packaging specialists. Inspired by a trip to Norway in 2019, husband and wife team Mark and Joanna Farr started their business with the goal of providing sustainable food packaging with the smallest environmental impact. 

But just months after opening their doors for business, they were firmly shut again by the pandemic. Talk about bad timing…

Luckily, the pandemic created a high surge in demand for take away packaging that exploded their business overnight. This transformed their operation from a log cabin at the bottom of a garden to a 45,000+ sqft warehouse. Turns out some good came out of the pandemic after all! 

The challenge

95% of Purple Planet’s customers are businesses and up until this point, the vast majority of transactions were processed through card payment.

Many small businesses struggle with cash flow issues (especially after the pandemic) and ordering supplies regularly can become tedious and stressful. Businesses are forced to either pay upfront or enter into a lengthy and manual invoicing process. And no one wants that.

Plus, the time required to complete this process can lead to lost opportunities or worse, buyers abandoning their purchases altogether. Now that’s a lose-lose situation. As CEO and co-founder Mark says, “as we grow, we need to allow our customers to grow".

So what’s the solution? Enter Two. The 2 in B2B.

How Two supercharged Purple Planet's sales

By implementing the Two Checkout, Purple Planet was able to offer their customers the quickest and easiest B2B checkout solution on the b-commerce market! 

“A coffee shop that needs a box of coffee cups can buy it for £50 on 1st August and not have to pay until the 30th. They have 30 days to make a profit and increase cash flow. That’s a huge benefit for a business to have. And for us to be able to help small businesses is key”. 

Providing customers with this payment flexibility also helps the environment. “Bigger customers who would order weekly now just order once a month” Mark explains. “For us that's a real benefit because it saves on shipping costs and is more sustainable due to a smaller carbon footprint”.

What’s more, Purple Planet saw a 400% increase in AOV after implementing Two’s BNPL for B2B solution. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation!  See how another company achieved 270% higher AOV with Two.

The future is bright (and sustainable)

Looking to the future, Mark and Joanna believe their relationship with Two has grown stronger and stronger. “We’ve invested a lot of time in Two and vice-versa. Our ethos is not to jump ship because it's cheaper, it’s about building relationships”.

Just as importantly are the bottom line results. Two enabled Purple Planet to grow their b2b sales and expand their crew. Having recently added a business development manager to their team, they can now start to focus on selling directly to restaurants and cafes at fairs across the UK too. More coffee all round! 

Mark continues by saying “introducing Two was the best decision we could have made as a business. It gives our customers the extra breathing space with the 30 day credit terms and it sets us apart from our competitors! In addition the team at Two are always really helpful”. We’re glad Mark shares the same opinion as us! 

Two - The Complete B2B Payment Suite

Selling B2B with Buy Now, Pay Later can be incredibly complex. But it doesn’t have to be. With Two’s B2B payment suite, you can increase conversion rates and average order value while eliminating admin and offsetting credit risk. 

Whether you want to supercharge your B2B e-commerce checkout for guest purchases, optimise your trade account with frictionless onboarding, or offer B2B BNPL on all sales channels - Two is here to help.

Two’s payment technology enables businesses across all industries to offer purchasing on invoice, providing a frictionless checkout experience with instantly approved credit. Our revolutionary B2B solutions simplify the payment journey so businesses can access working capital and increase B2B sales while reducing time consuming operational work.