270% higher AOV with Two

Since implementing the Two Checkout, gift card site Givn has had a 300% surge in sales.

Since implementing the Two Checkout, gift card site Givn has had a 300% surge in sales. The combination of their seamless customer experience and Two makes for the quickest and easiest b2b checkout solution on the market.

“I’ve had issues with b2b-payments for 10 years now, and it’s been a major impediment for my b2b-sales at both my current and previous startups. Finally, the Two team has come along to fix it!”

- Knut Hellik Kvale, CEO & founder of Givn.

Givn.no sells gift cards from local Norwegian businesses offering experiences such as Michelin star restaurant Fagn, guided tours from Lysefjorden Adventure and Trondheim Golfclub. Knut and his team believe in local businesses and are big supporters of gifting experiences over material objects. Creating a business model that enables scalable growth for these local businesses has been a crucial factor for the Givn team.

They aim to become a household name for gift card purchases: any time you have a gift dilemma, you should think of Givn, and they’ll solve it quickly and seamlessly!

Local business growth with Givn

Not only does Givn’s solution increase local businesses’ gift card sales by 50%, but they also make sure they get used. 

“We send reminders when people don’t use their gift cards, and unused gift cards are paid back to either the seller or distributed between businesses in the local district. We don’t want to profit off of unused gift cards,” says Knut.

The importance of business customers

Through Givn, local business sellers get access to a much larger variety of potential customers than through their own channels. Many of these are companies looking for a quick and easy way to purchase and distribute gift cards to their employees.

“Business customers are important to us because they allow us to advertise these extraordinary local businesses to a larger audience in one go. Therefore, it’s equally important for as many business customers as possible to be able to purchase through our site,” Knut Hellik Kvale. 

More recently, Givn secured a record-breaking transaction of 4.5 million NOK, making it the largest order processed by Two! You can read more about this exciting news here.

70% share of B2B-wallet proves a seamless checkout

With the Two Checkout approving 96% of Givn’s business buyers for credit, local businesses can process orders from more businesses, allowing them to grow faster.

“Our solution combined with the Two Checkout makes for a seamless customer experience,”

As orders placed with Two’s BNPL for B2B solution have a 270% higher basket value than other B2B orders, it’s no surprise Two has 70% share of wallet at Givn. 

Knut continues, “There really is no other place where you can purchase 200 gift cards and have them distributed to 200 employees within 5 minutes.”

Two - The Complete B2B Payment Suite

Selling B2B with Buy Now, Pay Later can be incredibly complex. But it doesn’t have to be. With Two’s B2B payment suite, you can increase conversion rates and average order value while eliminating admin and offsetting credit risk. 

Whether you want to supercharge your B2B e-commerce checkout for guest purchases, optimise your trade account with frictionless onboarding, or offer B2B BNPL on all sales channels - Two is here to help.

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