Guest Checkout

Delight your customers and grow your sales with Two's B2B Guest Checkout solution. Make the checkout process frictionless for your business customers, increase conversions and get paid faster.

Sell more.

Increase conversion rates. With our instant company search and credit check - your business customers can easily checkout with terms in seconds.

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Grow your average basket size with instant 14-90 day payment terms catered to your business buyers - at no additional cost to them.
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Accept more business customers - Two credit approves up to 90% of business buyers to checkout with terms, whether their orders come in online, over the phone, in person or via email.
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A diagram showing two's payment solution in payment terms and enabling guaranteed checkout

Improve cashflow and reduce risk.

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You'll get paid within days for the purchases your customers make with Two, regardless of their payment terms.
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We absorb your cash flow burden and can take on the risk, including fraud.

Abolish admin.

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Never chase a payment again - Two automatically reconciles payments for invoices and tracks late payers.
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Eliminate onboarding. We approve your customers for credit instantly and let you view their limits in our portal.
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Adoption is simple. You can manage orders in your own e-commerce platform or via the Two merchant portal.
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Get started in minutes.

Be up and running in minutes with our plugins. Or integrate with our API directly.

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"Introducing Two was the best decision we could have made as a business. It gives our customers the extra breathing space with the 30 day credit terms and it sets us apart from our competitors. We saw a 400% increase in AOV after using Two!"

Mark Farr, CEO, Purple Planet Packagaing