Order Creator

Harness the total value of Two whether you sell online, offline, or both. The Order Creator makes it simple to offer invoice purchases to all B2B customers. Because sales don’t just happen in one place.

An image of the an order created in the Two Order Creater
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Capture offline sales

Offer trade credit for all offline channels like tele-sales, field-sales, and in-person for maximum conversions.

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Don’t wait to get paid

Once you fulfil the order, you get paid. Your customers pay us back on terms - per invoice, once a month or in instalments. You choose.

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Sell more without the risk

Two can take on all credit and fraud risk, leaving you free to sell and get paid without the worry. No more chasing payments.

Simple offline sales in 4 easy steps


Easy order creation

Once you have negotiated & agreed on a sale via phone, email, or in person, create it in the Two Merchant Portal and add the customer’s company information.


Instant credit check

The Two platform performs immediate credit checks of your customers and displays how much they’re approved for.

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Simple customer verification

Once you create the order, a summary is emailed to your customer where they can approve and verify their identity.


Get paid straight away

Once you process the order in the Two Merchant Portal, Two immediately sends an invoice to your customer and you get paid.

An image that shows how Two immediately sends an invoice to your customers and you get paid, once you process the order in the Two Merchant Portal

How to create an order

Boost your B2B sales today.