Trade Account

The turbocharged trade payment solution to boost B2B sales allowing your customers to onboard at lightning speed and checkout in just one click.

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Built for loyalty.


higher retention with the Trade Account


more orders per buyer with the  Trade Account

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Rapid onboarding

Onboard your business buyers with a fully-funded Trade Account in just 30 seconds. Leave tedious manual work like credit and ID-checks to us so your buyers can get up and running instantly.

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Increase retention

Loaded with useful features like transparent credit limits and simple repayment plans, the Trade Account allows you to provide the best buying experience possible. Don’t give your customers a reason to shop anywhere else. 

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Reduce admin

No more ID-verification and checking business documents, we take care of it all. Don’t make your customers wait around for days to start purchasing. Sell. Get paid. No headaches.

More sales without
the hassle.

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Instant sign-up

Two integrates directly into your existing sign-up process to make life easier for new customers. With the help of our search API we auto-populate your business customers’ information instantly.


Complete ID verification

Our comprehensive ID verification happens in seconds. No more requesting forms and chasing paperwork.

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Immediate credit limits

Two approves up to 90% of buyers for credit. We share our credit score and credit limit with you directly and you choose what to show your customer.


Checkout with terms

Once onboarded, your customers can check out as usual with the payment terms they need - from 14-90 days. You get paid up front, always.

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Get paid right away

Once you fulfil the order, you get paid. Your customers pay us back later - per invoice, once a month or in instalments. You choose.


True one-click purchasing

With the Two Trade Account, your customers checkout with one click once they’re logged into your site.

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Works for in-store purchases

Never miss a sales opportunity again with support for in-store purchasing

Grouped invoice

High volume customers? No problem. We can issue a single invoice per purchase or group them into a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly invoice to make admin easier.

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Sell more without the risk

Two can takes on all credit and fraud risk, leaving you free to sell and get paid without the worry.

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Frequently asked questions

How does customer onboarding work?

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How does true one-click purchasing work?

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When do I get paid for orders that my customers make using the Two Trade Account?

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Who takes the fraud risk?

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How long does integration take?

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How much does the Two Trade Account cost?

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Is the Two Trade Account supported by your plug in?

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