What is BNPL for B2B?

BNPL for B2B helps businesses improve their capital position while their customers can forget all about the tedious process of expensing.

Buy now, pay later for B2B transactions

The age-old method of making business transactions happen, is a business invoice. Business invoices are already the norm for offline business transactions, but many businesses are unable to tap into demand due to the complexity and tedious processes of managing this in-house. Additionally, business invoices have, until recently, not been through the digital revolution. With this, they risk losing orders and business customers.

In the consumer market, e-commerce invoices are commonly known as Buy Now, Pay Later. With more and more businesses transacting online, they also have higher expectations to the B2B payment methods offered as well as the actual experience of online business purchasing.

“Buy now, pay later” is now emerging as a payment method for B2B transactions. According to Sifted.eu, BNPL for B2B is “…fintech’s answer to the age-old concept of invoice financing.” We couldn’t agree more.

BNPL for B2B from Two - the new invoice financing

With Buy Now, Pay Later, businesses can allow their b-commerce buyers to place orders with speed and convenience, without the need of a credit card. Meanwhile, businesses are able to sell more without the operational complexity and the credit/fraud risk.

At Two we’ve worked relentlessly to make BNPL for b-commerce as simple as e-commerce is for an end-consumer:

  • Buyers can forget all about the tedious process of expensing and everything that comes with it.
  • Businesses improve their capital position and can focus on growth.

The perks of BNPL for b-commerce sales

Just like its B2C cousin has made an impact on e-commerce, BNPL for B2B is proving immensely valuable to b-commerce transactions.

Buy Now, Pay Later for B2B sales has proved to tremendously uplift conversion rates and average order values. Additionally, with Two’s ability to approve more than 90% of businesses with credit, businesses can finally tap into previously inaccessible B2B sales. Two, together with its financial partners, takes on the risk, and B2B sellers never need to say no to an order again.

B-commerce businesses choose to integrate BNPL as a payment solution because:

  • Conversion rates go up by +20%
  • Average order values increase by 60-75%
  • BNPL B2B improves cashflow with instant payout
  • Less manual processes, more time for growth

Solving b-commerce with BNPL for B2B: one business’ problem is another’s raison d’être

Two is built by and for merchants. Our founders personally experienced the frustration of not being able to cater to the needs of their business buyers. When 20% of sales at their previous venture came from people making purchases on behalf of companies, they saw great potential; the average basket values were beyond anything a credit card would typically support - a challenge they were unable to support.

Unable to underwrite credit and to verify the buyer’s identity, they lost a great deal of sales. This predicament led them to build Two; a checkout solution that plugs into any e-commerce platform.

Quick and easy integration with Two BNPL for B2B

Since day one, Two has chosen to be technologically agnostic, catering to any b-commerce business’ needs such that they can outsource their credit and capital risk as well as collections - all they have to worry about is growing their business.

The opportunity cost for B2B merchants selling online is dreadfully high. Two’s BNPL B2B checkout solution is available as a plugin for multiple e-commerce solutions, and for those we don’t yet accommodate - we are happy to facilitate in the direct integration with our API.

Want to see how Two can help you increase your e-commerce sales with BNPL for B2B? Book a 30 minute demo with us today!✌️