Apple specialist sells to +100% more B2B buyers

Espen Berger (CEO) and Marius Brevik (HR) of Eplehuset

Eplehuset is Norway’s number one Apple Premium Reseller, enabling Norwegian consumers and businesses to get their fix of the latest Macbooks, iPhones, and other Apple products. Through Eplehuset, you can buy, trade in, and learn more about everything Apple.

With a 58% share of the market, Apple’s iOS is the most popular operating system in Norway so Eplehuset has no shortage of customers. Many of these, however, are businesses looking to supply their employees with Apple products. And serving these customers can prove problematic.

The B2B selling dilemma

Let’s jump into Eplehuset’s shoes for a minute. A buyer wants to supply their team with 10 new Macbooks. Score! But how are they going to pay for it? They probably don’t have the cash available right now. They could use a company corporate card (if they have one) but it’s unlikely the limit is high enough for that kind of purchase.

So, you offer for them to pay on invoice with terms. Eplehuset found issues with that as well though.

“Online B2B transactions for new customers generally include long, manual processes - so much so that we often risk losing the entire purchase” says Line S. Ludvigsen, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager at Eplehuset.

Ultimately, Eplehuset was missing out on selling to new business buyers because it simply took too long and their b-commerce was suffering. Thankfully, the Two team was at hand to help!

How Two saved the day

By offering the Two Checkout as a payment option, Eplehuset were able to avoid these problems. Now, instead of manually creating new customer relationships and carrying out lengthy credit checks, it’s done instantly. 

"We save an incredible amount of time by eliminating manual onboarding of new corporate customers, time that we can now use on other value-creating activities." says Maria Henriksen, Marketing Manager for Eplehuset.

Using Two also means no more missed opportunities. Instead of getting frustrated and walking away from potential purchases, their customers were given the opportunity to buy the way they actually want, with flexible terms.

According to Line, “without Two we would have had to reject 52% of our B2B customers!” They’ve also seen a 16% year-on-year growth of AOV orders. Being able to offer their business customers payment terms that work for them means they’re more likely to place larger orders. Now that’s great for everyone!

Sales Manager at Two Robert Udnesseter also commented on Eplehuset’s success. "They really are the perfect merchant for Two. Now all companies, small or large, can easily buy the computer equipment they need to get started with the work they have to do".

Two - The Complete B2B Payment Suite

Selling B2B with Buy Now, Pay Later can be incredibly complex. But it doesn’t have to be. With Two’s B2B payment suite, you can increase conversion rates and average order value while eliminating admin and offsetting credit risk. 

Whether you want to supercharge your B2B e-commerce checkout for guest purchases, optimise your trade account with frictionless onboarding, or offer B2B BNPL on all sales channels - Two is here to help.

Two’s payment technology enables businesses across all industries to offer purchasing on invoice, providing a frictionless checkout experience with instantly approved credit. Our revolutionary B2B solutions simplify the payment journey so businesses can access working capital and increase B2B sales while reducing time consuming operational work.