Two helps Glamit increase B2B sales by 260%

In the bustling world of cosmetics, there’s a B2B company not only redefining the nail product supply industry but seeing amazing success doing so!

Glamit was founded 7 years ago. Now with 8 employees running 2 online stores and a physical shop in the centre of Oslo, Glamit's journey began as a supporting arm for Lakkbar, a popular nail salon chain offering professional nail care services. 

While importing goods for Lakkbar's nail products, Glamit recognised a huge demand for nail products among private customers within the nail care industry. This set the stage for Glamit's transformation from a supporting entity to a leading player in the nail supply market.

As a first of its kind business in Norway, Glamit has gone from strength to strength since they started, painting a bright future for themselves and their customers alike.

The challenge

Glamit’s journey began with the launch of a new website, which aimed to cater to both private and business customers through an online store. However, their previous payment solution was less than ideal.

As Jeanett Stonex, Marketing Manager at Glamit explains “Our B2B sales process was very manual. We needed to export each order and manually send the information to our accounting system. From there, the warehouse would receive the order, fulfil it, and ship it out to the customer.”

For each B2B sale, Glamit needed to export each order and manually send the information to their accounting system. From there, the warehouse would receive the order, fulfil it, and ship it out to the customer.

This meant their B2B sales process was incredibly manual and resource-intensive. And because of the admin work needed to process these sales, it became difficult to scale their operation.

Jeanett continues by saying “We needed a payment solution that fit into our webshop and wanted to work with someone in Norway who understood the market.”

This is where Two came in!

The solution

With Two's automatic payment reconciliation, instant credit checking and ID verification, Glamit saved a huge amount of time processing orders. The result? 3 days per week on average! No matter the order size, Glamit can confidently rely on Two’s E-Commerce Checkout to process the orders they receive. 

But that’s not all. Saving time is one thing but actually increasing those sales numbers is something else. Glamit has seen impressive growth since they started and have been working hard to get their amazing products to their audience. And thanks to Two's seamless checkout experience, we're happy to say we're helping them on their way!

“We’ve seen an increase in overall B2B sales by approximately 260%!” Jeanett explains.

What’s more, Glamit has seen a whopping 60% increase in AOV while their conversion rate surged by 25%. Additionally, approximately 72% of their B2B customers now choose Two as their go-to payment method at checkout. 

In addition to these impressive numbers, Glamit’s integration and partnership with Two was a remarkably positive experience! Jeanett continues by saying “We're really happy with our choice, it was a really easy and quick onboarding!” 

Despite integrating a new storage system, the entire transition took a mere 3 days, far quicker than Glamit's expectation of 6 months! This streamlined integration allowed them to focus on core operations with minimal disruption.

Glamit are also now able to provide payment solutions tailored to their customers. As Jeanett says “If we have customers that need some extra time or prefer longer payment terms, we can easily jump into the Merchant Portal and change it to 30 days”.

Two - The Complete B2B Payment Suite

Selling B2B with Buy Now, Pay Later can be incredibly complex. But it doesn’t have to be. With Two’s B2B payment suite, you can increase conversion rates and average order value while eliminating admin and offsetting credit risk. 

Whether you want to supercharge your B2B e-commerce checkout for guest purchases, optimise your trade account with frictionless onboarding, or offer B2B BNPL on all sales channels - Two is here to help.

Two’s payment technology enables businesses across all industries to offer purchasing on invoice, providing a frictionless checkout experience with instantly approved credit. Our revolutionary B2B solutions simplify the payment journey so businesses can access working capital and increase B2B sales while reducing time consuming operational work.