Teppeabo switches from Klarna B2B to Two for enhanced customer experience

Teppeabo is a popular family business with over half a century of history, specialising in carpets, floor coverings, and other flooring products. Their offerings span from wall-to-wall carpets to carpet tiles, stair carpets, runners, and even artificial grass and flooring. With goals to be market leaders in their space, Teppeabo serves both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.

In this success story, we delve into Teppeabo's journey of enhancing efficiency and customer experience - from facing a specific challenge in their B2B operations to approaching Two for an EHF invoicing solution.

The challenge

As mentioned, Teppeabo aims to become market leaders in wall-to-wall carpets, catering to both B2B and B2C customers. But they faced a problem...

Teppeabo were initially using Klarna as their payment solution, which lacked the essential options for EHF invoices and e-invoicing.

So why is this a problem?

An EHF invoice represents an electronic invoice that is transmitted seamlessly from the sender's financial system directly to the recipient's corresponding system.

Klarna's absence of EHF invoicing for B2B customers created a lot of manual work for Teppeabo’s customers. This involved receiving invoices via email attachments and manually making payments through online banking, resulting in inconveniences, inefficiencies, and a time-consuming process.

Many Norwegian B2B customers have a strong preference for EHF invoicing and are hesitant to make purchases if this option is not available. This can lead potential customers to choose a competitors that supports this invoicing method, negatively impacting sales.

As Bjørn Lundby, Marketing Manager at Teppeabo says “Klarna’s B2B solution wasn't effective. They didn’t have an EHF invoicing solution so if a customer paid with Klarna, they only received an invoice by email”.

The solution

In response to this challenge, Teppeabo made a strategic decision to transition from Klarna to Two’s Guest Checkout Solution. Bjørn continues by saying “After looking for multiple companies that offered this feature, I found Two!” 

The transition from Klarna to Two proved to be transformative for Teppeabo, providing the missing pieces to the puzzle they needed. Two not only offers EHF invoicing, but also a more streamlined and efficient payment process for they’re B2B customers overall. As a result, Teppeabo experienced a surge in sales after offering they’re B2B customer EHF, as it significantly simplified the customer experience, making payment processing a smooth and hassle-free process.

Simplifying the invoicing process for customers makes a significant difference

The significant benefit of receiving EHF invoices lies in its time-saving capabilities. When you receive an EHF invoice, you can promptly identify and process the payment simultaneously. Sending EHF invoices offers the advantage of delivering invoices directly into your customers' accounting systems, aligning with their preferences. This enables automatic reading and interpretation, streamlining the invoicing process.

As Teppeabo continues its journey towards market leadership, we're pleased to say Two has emerged as a valuable partner in their pursuit of success.

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