Morgenlevering invests in B2B

Morgenlevering is now investing in B2B

When Norway locked-down, inquiries from companies that wanted to buy breakfast for their employees increased. And when the inquiries ticked in, Morgenlevering quickly discovered that most companies wanted to pay on invoice instead of by card.

‘This experience is in line with our statistics which indicates that as many as 70% of corporate customers choose to pay on invoice if it is offered as a payment alternative.’ - Andreas Mjelde, CEO and Co-founder of Two.

For Morgenlevering, it was also important that companies had a good shopping experience throughout their customer journey. Even though communication with corporate customers was excellent, the internal processes were very manual and time consuming. It became clear to Morgenlevering that they required a scaleable payment solution that helped reduce manual workload and put the business customer first.

“To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we needed a strong invoicing solution for the corporate market. Two, offers a user-friendly and flexible solution that is easy to use. We have received high quality training from the Two team, which got us started quickly. In addition they’ve followed up with us closely since we went live.” says Gina Nygard, Head of E-Commerce.

By integrating the Two Checkout, Morgenlevering found they saved a lot of time on the invoicing process and that preparing an invoice for dispatch was done in just a few clicks. At Morgenlevering, Two’s solution has helped to reduce manual workload while reducing the risk of errors.

“When we send invoices through Two, we see that it is easy to get an overview of which products we’ve invoiced the customer for. It is also very beneficial for the invoice recipient who easily obtains an overview of which products have been ordered on behalf of their company.”, Says Business Coordinator Josefine Jacobsen, who has been a key player in the implementation of Two at Morgenlevering.

For a company like Morgenlevering, where quick and frictionless order handling is a requirement, a fast credit rating system with automatic validation of the company's payment information has made everyday life easier.

At Two, we say it like this:

- Our ambition is simple; We want to make it as easy for businesses to shop online as it is for consumers today. In addition, we aim to be the preferred choice for companies that see the potential in, or want to increase their investment in the online B2B market (b-commerce*).

As a Buy now, pay later solution, we ensure our customers receive quick payments regardless of when the due date of the invoice is. We know that flexibility and predictability are important for all companies, which is why we've built a solution that benefits both the business that sells and the business that buys.

Morgenlevering’s goal is that B2B sales will account for a significant portion of their turnover in the coming years. We at Two are proud and grateful to be able to take part in this journey.

(English) /bɪˈkɑm.ɚs/ nounB2B ecommerce, online trade between businesses

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