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A best-in-class B2B payments integration built to accelerate b2b growth for the Nordic auto industry

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Spense is revolutionizing the mobility sector

Spense transforms the auto industry by offering a flexible payment solution integrated with a first-class customer journey. They simplify the administration of payments and contribute to increased customer loyalty with a tailored white label solution.

Two's integrated solution allows Spense merchants to offer their buyers to purchase on terms.

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Minimize credit risk

Two instantly credit checks your buyers and takes on all credit and fraud risk, leaving you free to focus on company growth and good service.

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Working capital relief

With Two, you get paid when the order is complete instead of waiting for the invoice term to end. This improves access to working capital you can use to grow your business. Plus, we take care of invoice issuing and handle the admin.

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Cut admin

No more ID-verification and checking business documents, we take care of all of that. Don’t make your customers wait around for days to start purchasing. Sell, get paid - no headaches.

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Two offers an extremely sought-after quality product for B2B payments and is perfectly suited for our customers in the mobility sector. Many businesses become banks for their own customers but Two solves this and more. We look forward to this revolutionary journey we’re on together.

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Jonas Lisgård, CEO & founder of Spense

How Utvik Autoservice AS accelerated
b2b growth with Spense and Two.

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