Drive sales, boost efficiency.
All in one place.

To grow your B2B sales, you need a tool that matches your ambitions. The Two Merchant Portal makes it simple to place orders, manage customer credit limits, and analyse key performance metrics...all in one place.


Metrics that matter

Access key metrics like total sales over time, average order value, and number of recurring buyers to build future marketing campaigns and drive B2B growth opportunities.


Straightforward orders, upfront payments

Generate orders effortlessly from the Merchant Portal, complete with integrated credit checks and ID verification. All orders have easy-to-understand statuses so you know exactly where they are in the purchase process. Plus, payouts for all orders are upfront, directly to you.


Easy credit limits

Have a loyal customer than needs more credit? Manage and personalise buyer credit limits with ease for the best customer experience.


Settlement reports, how they should be

Access any customer settlement report in a couple clicks, just in case you need it. By default, settlements will be sent automatically once a week.


Plugin and direct API integration management

Whether you decide to integrate with your favourite plugin or directly via our API, manage it all in one place for complete convenience.

Still have questions?

That’s great! We have a ton of resources to help you. Check out the Sellers section of our Helpkit where we have a collection of articles that explain more about the merchant portal!

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