Mondido and Two partner to give B2B Shopify sellers BNPL

As more and more B2B companies transition to e-commerce, Two is happy to announce exciting news about our newest partnership with Payment Service Provider Mondido! This unique partnership between Mondido and Two allows merchants to offer net terms to their customers directly on Shopify and other ecommerce platforms.

Who is Mondido?

Mondido, a leading payment provider on Shopify, offers an easy and fast way to start accepting payments on websites and mobile applications while offering smart features for analysing and increasing sales. Mondido helps e-commerce merchants to increase their overall sales by using unique tools to maximise the rate of successful payments while making it easy to identify and solve problems in the ever changing payment landscape.

Who is Shopify?

Shopify is the fastest growing e-commerce platform that allows businesses and individuals to create their own online stores and sell products and services. It provides a wide range of tools and features to help e-commerce merchants set up and manage their online businesses without requiring extensive technical knowledge

A Future-Proof partnership for B2B E-Commerce

B2B is big business. In fact, it’s expected to reach $26.59 trillion by 2030. This growth has fostered the transition for B2B companies to adopt a digital approach, with almost two-thirds offering e-commerce capabilities.

Making the switch to online B2B selling isn’t exactly straight-forward, however. Many businesses are reluctant to take the leap into ecommerce thanks to complications with:

  • Managing complex transactions
  • Integrating internal systems
  • Fulfilling large orders quickly and reliably
  • Managing large catalogues with thousands of products
  • Providing price quotes for bulk orders

And yet, it’s predicted that 80% of B2B sales interactions will happen on digital channels by 2025. For businesses wishing to make this switch less painful, many turn to ecommerce platform builders like Shopify. 

When used in conjunction with the various payment service providers available, these platforms significantly lower the barrier of entry for businesses making the switch to ecommerc

Why the partnership between Two and Mondido?

The new partnership between Two and Mondido enables B2B Shopify merchants to offer instant credit payment terms in the Mondido checkout solution. This partnership allows B2B E-Commerce brands on Shopify to leverage Two’s instant credit checks, upfront payments, and credit risk protection along with Mondido’s flexible payment suite, to enable a seamless way to sell.

We caught up with Moon-Suck Song, CEO of Mondido to get his thoughts:

“Mondido is extremely enthusiastic about what Two is doing for B2B e-commerce. Today they are solving a huge problem for B2B companies both selling and buying. Using Two, sellers are able to easily offer net terms and buyers get access to their preferred payment method, previously unobtainable to them.”

“The unique solution of Mondido and Two, for the Shopify App Store, will be a great fit for the Swedish, Norwegian, and UK markets!”

To kick things off, Two and Mondido already have 2 businesses live with the new partnership, Mr Lemonde and Renewable Shop, with many more to come!

The future of B2B E-Commerce is certainly an exciting one!