Meet Anders Dovran, Expansion Engineer

Meet Anders -  Expansion Engineer at Two

Imagine a tech startup without Expansion Engineers – a bit like a car without wheels. The truth is, these engineers are the unsung heroes of the business world, quietly working behind the scenes to make growth and innovation possible. 

Today, we're introducing you to Anders Dovran, one of our talented Expansion Engineers who's been with Two since the very start! 

In this interview, get to know Anders, his role at Two, and the unique journey that brought him here.

What do you do here at Two, and how did your journey with us start?

"I work as an Expansion Engineer, focusing on helping our customers go live with Two. I contribute to aligning our product with their specific needs, guiding them through the integration process, and ensuring that they receive a solution that suits all parties involved.

My journey with Two started a bit differently. I received a call to assist in creating some flow charts for a company that was planning to venture into B2B payments. At that time, I already had a contract in consulting, where I soon would start working on cybersecurity and technical due diligence at KPMG. In other words, I actually worked at Two before it was "Two". The following year, I joined, rekindling my connection with the company that, at the time, was in its startup phase." 

What excites you about your job? What's the coolest thing about being an Expansion Engineer?

"What excites me the most is shaping solutions for our merchants and helping them go live successfully. Collaborating to find effective solutions and developing both their product and ours based on the feedback we receive is incredibly rewarding. I find it enjoyable to work across interdisciplinary boundaries, collaborating with sales, product teams, and customer-side stakeholders, fostering a holistic approach to problem-solving."

Can you tell us a little bit about the latest project you worked on?

"In my latest project, I worked on an exciting partnership with our Swedish merchant, NetOnNet, specifically with their integration. We developed several innovative solutions on our end, and NetOnNet, who adopted Two, gave us some great feedback on the solutions we delivered! Our goal with this project was to enhance NetOnNet’s journey for B2B purchases, making it operationally more straightforward for them to conduct B2B transactions."

What did you aim to achieve with this project, and what did you learn from the experience?

"Our aim was to improve the overall customer experience for B2B purchases and streamline the operational aspects of shopping. Throughout the project, I once again learned that communication is the key! Keeping everyone involved updated, both internally and externally, is essential. Additionally, feedback loops are crucial, ensuring that we convey the feedback we receive from our merchants effectively. No matter how skilled you think you are at communication, integration projects involve working with diverse individuals with varying skill sets, making clear and concise communication an ongoing challenge."

You previously worked in consulting, which is quite different from the Fintech industry. Can you share your experience transitioning to the B2B payments industry, any challenges you faced, and what do you like about this sector?

"My work in consulting and the B2B payments industry do share some similarities, particularly in dealing with integrations and project work. However, the transition brought a significant shift in perspective. In consulting, I often worked on projects that were already established, whereas in B2B payments, we work with products that are continually evolving. This transition has made me more operationally dependent on the work I do and may have  required a greater emphasis on adapting to change. The most exciting aspect is being part of an industry that's innovative and dynamic. We constantly seek new solutions and adapt to meet evolving needs."

What's the most important thing you had to learn to excel in your role, and do you feel like you've achieved it?

"One crucial aspect I had to learn was understanding the sense of urgency for our merchants while simultaneously aligning internally to prepare our product. Stakeholder management, both internally and externally, was vital. I continuously work on improving these skills, and it's an ongoing learning process. The dynamic nature of our work means that there's always room for improvement."

If you could give one piece of advice to a new starter at Two, what would it be?

"I would advise them to experience our product as a buyer to truly understand it from a merchant's perspective. This will help them grasp the challenges merchants face when trying to capture a buyer's attention during the moment of purchase. Additionally, engage with people across different departments within Two to understand how all the pieces fit together. Build a holistic understanding of our company and industry!"