We’re on a mission to
fix b-commerce* with BNPL for B2B.

*(English) /bɪˈkɑm.ɚs/ noun
B2B e-commerce, online trade between businesses.

Two is built by and for merchants.

When it comes to buying online, businesses are left to use solutions developed for consumers, which don't meet their needs. Two was born from the struggles our founders faced with B2B sales in their previous ventures.
Business e-commerce buyers wanted to buy with net terms, yet no solutions for this existed and building the capability in house was prohibitively complex and expensive. We're solving a problem that we are passionate about - making it easier for businesses to sell to other businesses online.

The mission behind all our work.

Two is fixing b-commerce. We work relentlessly to make it as simple as possible for businesses to purchase online, just as simple as it is for an end-consumer.
Over the long term; We aim to save tens of millions of jobs by removing credit risk and losses from thousands of SMB businesses that are waiting to get get paid for products they already have delivered.

Team members

The values that drive
everything we do.

Partner, not a supplier

We do better when you do better. We are incentivised to help you sell more and keep your customers happy.

Tech made accessible

We make state-of-the-art payments technology accessible for your business customers through easy integration and intuitive payment journeys.

B-commerce not just e-commerce

We believe business buyers and sellers need specialised tools, not repurposed consumer offerings. Two focuses only on b2b sales to deliver this.

Come work with us!

We are proud to say that we are a truly remote company with two awesome onsite offices in Oslo, Norway and London, UK.

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