Let your B2B customers split payments for purchases over 3 to 24 months with Instalments. Get paid upfront for rental services, subscription plans, and big-ticket items to drastically improve cash flow and increase B2B sales. All while Two handles the admin.

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Improve cash flow

Improve cash flow immediately. Two pays you the total value of the sale as soon as it happens.

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Grow B2B sales

Make your business the leading choice for long term B2B purchases and the easiest to afford. With Instalments, you offer the best terms on the market.

Reduce admin

We take care of all admin including payment collection and invoice management. You sell and get paid, Two handles the rest.

No credit line agreements

Your customers choose the ideal instalment length while you set up custom, flexible checkout flows. Plus, only offer Instalments if your customer is eligible for credit.

Split payments with Instalments.

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Flexible payment terms

When a customer checks out with Instalments, they choose the repayment terms that work for them. Monthly repayment terms are transparent and visible to the buyer straight away.


Instant credit risk decision

Two can perform credit checks and handle buyer ID-verification using sophisticated industry-leading methods.

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Upfront payments

Once you fulfil the order, you get paid out in full by Two. If your buyer decides to cancel their subscription, their remaining invoices will be adjusted accordingly.


Checkout with terms

Customers receive a single, updated invoice every month that includes combined plans. Grouped plans are controlled by you and what works best for your customers for ultimate flexibility.

“The Instalments plan offered by Two has made a significant difference to our financials, streamlined our operations and has been a huge hit with our customers!”

Sami Bournemoum, CEO and Founder at HOFY


No more chasing payments

Two automatically reconciles payments for invoices, tracks late payers, and monitors the remaining balance of long-term purchases.

Update purchases at any time

Buyers can add new items to their rental or subscription contracts at any time. Any new items will be added as a new instalment plan and invoiced to the buyer together with existing subscriptions.

Improve cash flow with Instalments