We’re on a mission to
fix b-commerce* with BNPL for B2B.

*(English) /bɪˈkɑm.ɚs/ noun
B2B e-commerce, online trade between businesses.

Built by merchants, for merchants.

When Two’s founders were busy running their previous ventures, they kept running into the same problem. Businesses were forced to use consumer-based payment solutions that simply don’t meet their needs. Determined to find a better way, Two was born!
Having experienced the difficulties faced by merchants and buyers in b2b, Two’s founders dedicated themselves to a new mission: fix b2b payments and provide an easy way for buyers to purchase with net terms, minus the complexity.

A woman working on a laptop in an office
The Team at Two in their headquarter office in Oslo

The mission leading our work.

Two is fixing b-commerce, relentlessly making it as simple for businesses to purchase online as it is for an end-consumer. Two helps businesses grow by removing credit risk, losses, and the delay in payment for products sold.

Team members

The values that drive
everything we do.

Take charge

We are problem-solvers, and we empower everyone to take ownership and be accountable for both wins and losses.

Go beyond

We are driven and committed to finding the best solutions for our customers, partners and colleagues, knowing our mission goes beyond ourselves.

Let the best ideas win

We encourage everyone to share their ideas and collaborate  when making decisions. We support each other to reach our goals. When listening to others, we are humble and respectful. It’s not who says it, it’s what’s been said.

Come work with us!

We are proud to say that we are a truly remote company with two awesome onsite offices in Oslo, Norway and London, UK.

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Oslo, Norway

Arkwright X, Grundingen 2, 0250

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London, UK

4 Crown Pl, EC2A 4BT

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Remote, Worldwide

The perfect location

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Backed by some of the best global VCs.

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