GIVN Makes Recording Breaking 4.5 Million NOK Sale With Two

GIVN makes it easy for businesses to buy and use gift cards.

GIVN Norge is in the business of selling experiences via gift cards to their Norwegian customers instead of material gifts. With an aim to be an alternative to buying “stuff”, GIVN is challenging decades of the status quo in the gift card market with an entirely new business model.

Since November 2021, Two has been helping GIVN sell to their B2B customers, and with amazing results. In fact, they've seen a 300% surge in sales along with a 270% increase in average order value. We even wrote about it! Read more here.

A record-breaking order

On the topic of amazing results, we’re happy to announce that a record-breaking transaction of 4.5 million NOK was placed by one of GIVN’s customers towards the end of 2022! This is the largest transaction Two has ever processed.

This order was placed by a large corporation that wanted to give their employees a range of experiences in their local area using GIVN’s gift card solution. This is a huge jump from GIVN’s previously largest order, standing at 200,000 NOK.

We spoke to Knut Hellik Kvale, CEO and Founder of GIVN, to get his thoughts on this recent win: “Until now, orders of this proportion have been extremely difficult because the technology hasn’t been good enough. We would have had to handle all the risk and the paperwork required to complete the order could take weeks.”

This news isn’t just great for Two and GIVN though. Local Norwegian businesses will also benefit greatly as the gift card holders can now choose to spend with them easily. It’s great to know Two not only solves all B2B pain points, but also allows them to support the local economy!

Two CEO and Founder Andreas Mjelde comments by saying: "We started Two to make it easier for b2b-focused people to reach their full potential."

"Smaller businesses in particular do not have the capacity to handle invoice payments internally or to sit on working capital in connection to large purchases. Two automates the payment in a digital b2b sale."

Andreas continues by saying: “GIVN is a very good example of such a company. They have a fantastic product and customer journey. With our contribution, it has been further improved so they can handle such large online sales.”

Knut adds: "With Two's technology, we are able to offer a completely seamless customer experience. This sizable order proves there is a whole new market for us to seize, and the timing was perfect for businesses to order their employees gifts for the holidays.”

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